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Good one Agents of SHIELD! You fucked up the opportunity to have a character with a hook hand!

Isabelle should totally get a hook hand, that’d be fucking awesome.



In the gag reel, between the moment when Mark Sheppard told Misha Collins “bless you” and the moment he realized what he’d said, Jensen Ackles became… 100% done.

Jensen’s face is a national fucking treasure.



it times of trouble i watch nicolas cage movies and meditate 

when i find myself in times of trouble

nic cage comes to me

speaking words of wisdom 

not the bees

Green Day - American Idiot / First Lines (insp.)

Happy 10th anniversary American Idiot! 

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Am I the only person on the Internet who wants to see Weezer’s iheartradio festival set put on Youtube?

Yes? Okay than…